Who are you?

The idea for the dashboard was conceived by Neil Wilson, a communications professional.

The data analysis and coding has been done by data scientist Steven Kerr. Kerr holds a PhD in mathematics from the University of Nottingham, and a PhD in economics from the University of Edinburgh.

Where is your data from?

All of our data is from reputable sources – the majority is from the NHS and Office for National Statistics (ONS). The sources for each graph are linked below each graph.

The code used to make the graphs is open source, and can be found here.

Why are you doing this?

To be honest, we’re just a bit fed up of NHS data being presented without the context of previous years’ data, and of the focus being only on health data with little attention paid to the economic consequences of the response to Covid-19.

We also recognise that the relevant data is spread across many different sources and can be difficult to find – we wanted to help by putting it all in one place.

Who funds you?

The registration of the domain and hosting of the website cost just under £50 per year. This is paid for by the co-founders.

Why is your data out of date?

We can only work with what we’ve got! Some of the data series are released five days a week, and others weekly, monthly, or quarterly. We check for releases and update the graphs every day.

Can you include a graph on ____?

We can try! If there is quality data available, we will use it. Drop us a line at admin@coviddashboard.live with your suggestion.

How can I support this project?

The main things you can do are share this website with anyone you think might be interested, and support us on Twitter. We don’t have any need or use for donations or anything like that.

I have another question.

We’ll be happy to answer. Send it to us in an email: admin@coviddashboard.live